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Company profile -- Watch Fire digital signs. Color and monochrome LED signs. Made in USA.
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A bright past. A brighter future.


In 1932, Watchfire proudly put up our first sign - to signify that we were in business as Time-O-Matic. Since then we've been an industry leader in innovations like the Time and Temperature signs so many people counted on for so many years. We've been on the cutting edge of technology as a leading LED sign manufacturer, making it easier and more affordable for you to bring your message to your audience. And we've led the way in research and rugged product testing, so you know you can count on your American made Watchfire sign for years to come. Just like these current customers have counted on theirs.

In early 2001, we added Watchfire to our name to better represent our progressive approach to new product introductions and our anticipation of consumers' needs. As we continue to grow and lead the way into the future, we look forward to more ground-breaking technology, enhanced programmable messaging capabilities and excellent service and reliability.

American Made

We're proud not only to be part of the American landscape as an LED outdoor sign manufacturer, but to be designed and built in the American heartland, too. Our LED displays are engineered, and our Ignite┬« Graphics Software is coded and updated, from our Danville, Illinois headquarters. And should you ever have a question about your Watchfire LED sign, you'll reach our call center here in Illinois.

From the drawing board to the shipping dock to the customer service center, it's all in the USA. That kind of pride goes into every Watchfire LED message center.

Watchfire's commitment to service and support is unmatched among LED sign manufacturers. We are dedicated to offering the best possible service to our customers before, during and after the sale, and our network of dealers are familiar with our reliable technical and sales support.

Testimonial from a Watchfire Customer

"On behalf of the city of Manitowoc, I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with us and provide advanced tips and coaching for managing our Watchfire LED sign. Watchfire has been exceptionally supportive with technical support since our sign has been installed. We would highly recommend your company based on our first rate experience with you and your staff members."

Michelle Yanda, Planning Department
City of Manitowoc

Watchfire Customers

Whether you're looking to purchase your first LED sign or your tenth, you know you can expect reliable, knowledgeable service and support.

During the Purchase

After the Purchase

The Most Energy Efficient Outdoor LED Signs Available

GreenLeafIt's true. But don't just take our word for it. In May of 2011, Watchfire was the first in our industry to earn UL-Energy Efficiency Certification, which is a testament to our compliance with the strictest efficiency requirements in the US.

The UL-Energy Efficiency Certification was developed to assist manufacturers in testing and certifying products for compliance to energy efficiency requirements contained within Title 24 of the California Energy Commission's Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Certification standards include mandatory automatic control requirements and standards that set limits on installed lighting power for illuminated signs.

Eco-Friendly LED Signs: Displays that are safe, efficient and long-lasting

From the very beginning, Watchfire has designed our LED signs and billboards with safety, efficiency, sustainability and durability in mind. Besides UL-Energy Efficiency Certification, Watchfire Signs are compliant with UL 48, the standard for safety of electrical signs, and the National Electrical Code.

When it comes to energy efficiency, we recognize that green products are more than just good for the planet. Signs that consume less energy sustain our resources and are a better investment for buyers. We continue to seek out materials and technology that improve your bottom line by reducing cost of ownership.

Watchfire uses energy-saving and environmentally friendly components and design specifications such as:

  • High efficiency LEDs that last over ten times longer than traditional lighting sources and use less than half the energy of LEDs available just three years ago
  • Directional light, pointed horizontally toward the viewer
  • A custom-designed, high-efficiency power supply
  • Sign ventilation design that reduces operating costs and CO2 emissions because air conditioning or heaters are never necessary (and never have been)
  • Automatic dimming at sundown and an optional photocell to adjust brightness in all light conditions

Watchfire LED signs outlast other types of signs, and they are designed to stand up to the elements with unmatched reliability. Plus, they are made with components, such as aluminum, copper, gold and polycarbonate plastic, that can be harvested and recycled if a sign is retired.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We do that too. Watchfire continually invests in reducing chemicals, waste and power consumption related to production. Our Danville, Illinois factory recycles throughout the manufacturing cycle, from the plant to the office, including:

  • Water used in the manufacturing process, removing and disposing of chemicals along the way
  • Scrap from production, including aluminum, copper wire, steel, lead and cardboard
  • Wood products, such as pallets and crating
  • Electronic equipment from our offices
  • Workforce-related refuse, such as paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles

Our green philosophy extends to our manufacturing plant, which is well insulated and designed to promote cross ventilation, eliminating the need for air conditioning. We also use air scrubbers to reduce airborne emissions, and we run compressed air on timers to increase plant efficiency.

Making our products eco-friendly is good for the environment, good for your bottom line and just good business.