Amazon Automated Grocery Cart

By | July 16, 2020
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Amazon is rolling out grocery carts

Amazon is automating the grocery cart making it into a smart grocery cart or an intelligent cart whichever you prefer.  All the scanning is built into the cart.

Noted on CNBC July 2020

Key Points

  • Amazon is launching smart shopping carts at its Woodland Hills, California, grocery store in 2020.
  • Dash Carts are embedded with cameras, sensors and a smart display that automatically track a shopper’s order.
  • Similar to Amazon’s cashierless Go stores, Dash Carts allow shoppers to avoid checkout lines as they exit the store.


Amazon is launching shopping carts that track items as shoppers add them, then automatically charges them when they remove the grocery bags, allowing them to skip the checkout line.

The Dash Carts will roll out at Amazon’s new Los Angeles-area grocery store, which is slated to open this year, the company announced Tuesday.

Dash Carts build on the “Just Walk Out” cashierless technology first deployed at Amazon Go convenience stores. Amazon Go stores, which opened to the public in 2018, let customers buy items without waiting in checkout lines. The company has made inroads into the grocery market over the past several years, but with cashierless technology, Amazon is hoping to make the shopping experience more enjoyable and set itself apart from other physical retailers.

Shoppers must have an Amazon account and a smartphone to use a Dash Cart. After entering the store, users scan a QR code, located in the Amazon app, that signs them into the cart and loads Alexa shopping lists.

Here is video preview