Card Printers – Evolis Announces Complete Range of Card Printers

By | July 13, 2021

Evolis Announces News Complete Range of Card Printers

KIosk Card Printer Evolis

ID Card Printers 

Editors Note:  Driver support — there are drivers for Windows, Mac OS, Linux. The spec sheets for each of the new printers and the brochure for the entire range are available as compressed pdf zip (evolis-brochures-compressed).

A complete range of card printers for all your projects.

KIosk Card Printer Evolis

Kiosk Card Printer Evolis

We have redesigned our KC range with new and improved products, to offer you a complete package of 3 card printers:

  • KC Essential: the most compact and modular solution
  • KC Prime: ready to be integrated, with its 200 card feeder.
  • KC Max: optimized to accommodate 4 x 100-card feeders.

Our KM range, answering the needs of high autonomy, completes the Kiosk range with 2 other models:

  • KM500B: 1 high capacity feeder of 500 cards, to manage a single card design.
  • KM2000B: 4 feeders of 500 cards, to manage up to 4 different card designs.

ID Card Printers Designed to meet all markets needs.

  • Government & administrations: accelerate certain administrative procedures, provide a local service
  • Education: facilitate the delivery of student cards, provide students more autonomy.
  • Retail: issue personalized gift cards and promotional loyalty cards
  • Healthcare: identify all persons present in the establishment, limit physical contact.
  • Finance: improve the user experience, encourage the use of issued bank cards.
  • Hotel & Leisure: facilitate visitor check-in, optimize the flow of visitors.

Evolis card printers range, for self-service kiosk issuance

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