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Drive Thru Automation – Fast Food, Walmart, Gas Stations, ATMs – the list goes on

Drive Thru Kiosks Outdoor & Outdoor Menuboard “Drive” Thru History     Worthwhile to take a look at the many iterations of “Drive Thru” over the years.  They range from the McDonalds to Walmart to PNC ATMs.  All outdoor self-service.  Included are the many types of outdoor signage that have been used over the years.  How some people… Read More »

Drive-Thru Comes To Applebee’s – Off-Premise Dining Continues to Increase

NRN Weighs in on Applebee’s Testing New Drive-Thru Capability for Restaurants Excerpt: A Texas franchisee is evaluating how the addition of a drive-thru pickup window could impact off-premise service for the casual-dining brand — Mark Hamstra | Jan 04, 2021 “We look forward to assessing the performance of this installation, understanding feedback from our guests and operators, as well as… Read More »

Sweetgreen Drive Thru Goes Solar and Multi-Channel, and then there are Ghost Kitchens…

Sweetgreen Drive Thru Goes Solar From NRN – The fast-casual salad’s first drive-thru in Highlands Ranch, Colo., will have a concierge for in-car ordering and a digital pickup lane. Joanna Fantozzi | Dec 16, 2020 Excerpt: Sweetgreen’s first drive-thru will have multiple tech-optimized features including a concierge for in-car ordering, a lane specifically designated for digital pickup orders, and digital… Read More »

2020 QSR Drive-Thru study: Here’s how 10 major quick-service restaurant brands ranked

2020 QSR Drive-Thru study Chick-fil-A is a drive-thru leader in many categories, while Wendy’s and Taco Bell have slipped in their performance since last year, according to the study Market research agency and mystery shopping company SeeLevel HX has released its 20th annual QSR Drive-Thru study, a breakdown of drive-thru performance from 10 major quick-service restaurant brands. The study… Read More »

Sonic Drive-Thru Gets Redesigned

Sonic unveils new drive-in design as part of brand makeover From NRN Jul2020 – Sonic Drive-In’s new drive-in area has brighter colors, wider car docks, and a covered patio with lawn games Excerpt:  Sonic Drive-In has unveiled a new drive-in design with an updated, wider layout for car docks and the drive-thru lane, a new kitchen layout built… Read More »