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QR Code Payments: How Do QR Codes Work?

From the Ingenico Blog and Written by Ian Benn | Apr 14, 2021 It’s strange how technology use changes over time. Take the QR code: It has been around for more than a quarter of a century but is only now starting to become more visible in our lives. What began as a simple tool to help Japanese car makers track… Read More »

QR Codes And Restaurant Customers Repeat Visits + Pandemic Energizes QR Codes

QR Code Repeat Visits + Pandemic Energizes QR Codes February 2021 article from — Excerpt: QR codes have become more commonplace than ever as the pandemic continues, with one study last year finding that roughly 11 million United States households were expected to scan QR codes by the end of 2020. Consumers most commonly used QR codes for contactless… Read More »