How Ikea spread the flat-pack revolution across the world – Telegraph

By | February 3, 2015

Ikea chief executive Peter Agnefjäll plans to double the size of the business by the end of the decade, and India is Ikea’s next target


The company may have poured money into its website and app offer, which allows customers to place furniture in their “virtual” home to test how it might look, but Ikea still relies on people making out-of-town shopping trips.

Its famous blue and yellow superstores remain a core part of Ikea’s strategy and Agnefjäll expects the majority of sales to still come from its stores by 2020. Consumers may be dismayed to hear that there are no plans to alter the stores’ maze-like structure, designed to encourage people to make extra purchases.

The confusion is carefully planned and orchestrated by Ikea.