Inspire Brands first ghost kitchen – Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jimmy John’s, Sonic, Rusty Taco

By | November 11, 2021
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Ghost Kitchens Kickoff for Inspire Brands

From NRN  Joanna Fantozzi | Nov 10, 2021

Alliance Kitchen’s offerings will be available to area customers via brand-specific apps or third-party delivery services.

“Inspire is uniquely positioned to operate a concept like Alliance Kitchen, the first ghost kitchen launched, owned, and operated by a multi-brand restaurant company,” Stephanie Sentell, Inspire Brands senior vice president of restaurant operations and innovation said in a statement. “Inspire’s culture of innovation, coupled with our experience operating nearly 2,000 of our corporate-owned restaurants, enabled us to bring this idea to life successfully.”

Nation’s Restaurant News previously reported on the news that an Inspire Brands ghost kitchen was opening soon in the Atlanta area. In October 2020 during a keynote presentation, Inspire CEO Paul Brown said that they were not quite ready to jump into ghost kitchens yet, but that it could be a fit for them down the line: “We believe that true multi-brand companies like ours that own and operate all the concepts, we’ll be able to more efficiently share back of house and kitchen equipment, etc. because we are the same operator across all those concepts,” Brown said at the time.

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