McDonalds McAI Drive-Thru AI Ordering 85% Effective So Far

By | June 6, 2021
Walmart AI

Article on ZDNet about how McDonalds AI is driving customers crazy


  • The aim to eliminate labor is still at the forefront
  • CNBC reports that the burger chain has installed these AI robots in 10 Chicago McDonald’s so that it doesn’t have to employ so many humans.
  • One problem is humans interfering with the orders
  • Going from 10 restaurants to 14,000 (McDonalds owned + franchisees) is more whimsy than probability
  • Who is going to pay for it?  McDonald’s is currently in dispute with its franchisees over how payments for technology will be divided. Some franchisees are threatening to sue the company over what they see as an unfair division of charges.

Read full article at ZDNet

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