New Smart Store without Cashiers – Prototype in California

By | September 7, 2017



Shoplifting in a Smart Store without Cashiers and Here’s What Happened

Checkout systems are going autonomous.

Say goodbye to the glitchy self-checkout scanners in your local retail store. Grocery buying is about to get a big boost from artificial intelligence.

At a prototype store in Santa Clara, California, you grab a plastic basket, fill it up as you amble down an aisle packed with all kinds of things—Doritos, hand soap, Coke, and so on—then walk to a tablet computer near the door. The tablet shows a list of everything that’s in your basket and how much you owe; you pay, and you leave.

This store is actually the demonstration space of a startup called Standard Cognition, which is using a network of cameras and machine vision and deep-learning techniques to create an autonomous checkout experience.

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