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The automated retail industry is one of the two core technology showplaces today (financial Services being #2).

    • Emerging technologies such as robotics, lockers, digital signage, vending and automated vending lead the way.   Amazon and Google revolutionize physical delivery. OuterWall has another great idea (or not).
    • More mature retail technology includes interactive displays, next-generation POS,  mobile interplay, multi-touch, kiosks for self-service, video services, and customer service technology.
    • Companion technologies include ATMs, kiosks, Advanced ATMS,  NFC and thin client.
    • Standards – here we have more regulatory guidelines in play along with more standards than any other industry. PCI, OPOS, JPOS, MPOS,  HIPAA, ADA, UL, CE just to name a few.

Retail Automation – Year Of The Retail Store Employee – RSR

The model is changing irrevocably, driven by the growing threat of online retailers like Amazon.comwho are forcing retailers to provide better service in stores, worker advocacy groups lobbying for change, and public sentiment from adverse publicity. And so we have come to 2015: the Year of the Retail Store Employee. Source: The role of the employee in retail… Read More »

Mobile Retail Merchandising for Connected Consumer

With a constant connection to the web and social media via a smart mobile device, the connected consumer is an informed shopper actively seeking the best value for a desired good. Source: Excerpt: The in-store experience is still a powerful aspect of the buyers’ journey, even though the digital entity of retail has become fundamental to the entire… Read More »

A New GUI: Modell’s Sporting Goods GUI Example – Mobile Retail Technology Blast from Past (2012)

Retail Systems look at mobile interface options for Modells Sporting Goods back in 2012. Looking at the current I’d say we did pretty good. Source: With the surging mobile user segment coupled with cloud computing, we have a host of new options for touchscreen friendly interfaces. The self-service and kiosk industry has struggled for years to settle… Read More »