ShopTalk 2022 Photo Tour Walk Round

By | March 31, 2022
shoptalk 2022 photo tour

ShopTalk Trade Show 2022

One of our providers, UCP Inc., was kind enough to visit the recent ShopTalk show in Las Vegas.  We note the next ShopTalk is in Europe or should we say the UK June 6.  With all the “stuff” going on with supermarket “just walk out” technology pilots you might think that might be at the show

Shoptalk Europe 2022 from Kiosk Association on Vimeo.

Shoptalk US Comments
Shoptalk was surprisingly light on kiosks. Did not see a single self-checkout kiosk which shocked me. Mostly just locker systems for product pick up, a couple of kiosks for endless aisle or dressing room assistant, and then the crypto kiosk from the pictures. Really not much to report on from a self-service perspective. 


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