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Touchscreen or Person – Which is Better?

If The Shoe Fits, then buy it! How easy is it to find the shoe size 12 (46 EU) or larger? The answer is “It Depends” Christoph Nussbaumer CEO of Alpine Kiosk About the Writer: Christoph Nussbaumer is the CEO of REINGroup based in Austria. Alpine Kiosk boasts a diverse array of designs, each is highly adaptive and radiating elegance and sophistication. … Read More »

Retail Touchscreens by Elo aka Elotouch

Touchscreens for Retail Elo (aka Elotouch) We know touch – it’s our only business. In fact, we invented the touchscreen over 50 years ago and haven’t stopped since. Every 21 seconds, a new Elo Touchscreen is installed somewhere in the world. We obsess over details to exceed the highest quality standards. Description: Our product portfolio includes a broad selection of… Read More »

Through The Looking Glass? When Storefront Windows Go Interactive

PYMNTS spoke with Ilya Alshine, founder and president of imageSurge, a Boston-based service provider looking to turn storefronts into interactive platforms.

Source: www.pymnts.com

So far, Alshine said, imageSurge has been adopted by more than 150 retail storefronts and dozens of real estate companies throughout the U.S. and Canada, illustrating the potential for a sea change in what storefront displays can offer.