New vending machine kiosk at ASU dispenses prescriptions, not snacks

TEMPE – Arizona State University students who are tight on time and limited on transportation will often get their calories from a vending machine. Now they can get their medication in much the same way. The InstyMed machine at the Tempe Health Center is the first in Arizona, and ASU is only the second university [...]


Instyed out of Minneapolis.  Based in: Eden Prairie, Minn. Founded: 10 years ago. To date: Has filled 2 million prescriptions. To use a machine: One must be a patient at a health care facility with a dispenser. Video story.

Revel Secures $100 Million in Funding, Company’s Goal Is To Go Public | News | Vertical Systems Reseller (VSR)

Revel recently launched the world’s largest iPad POS deployment with installations at 700+ Smoothie King locations, and serves large grocery, retail and restaurant establishments including Dairy Queen, Goodwill, Pizza Patron and many more.   Revel has now been formally established as the leader of the new generation POS industry across both SMBs and enterprises.


Has to give people like NCR and IBM/Wincor in particular pause.

Vending machines kiosks at ASU dispense medication

Arizona State University students are used to grabbing potato chips or pop from vending machines – but prescription drugs will be something new. In a few weeks, students on the Tempe campus will be able to purchase certain medications from a machine made by the company InstyMeds. Officials call this is the first machine of its kind in Arizona and say it will help students access their medications more easily.

Six tips for becoming EMV compliant

With the liability shift now less than a year away, it’s time for retailers to get serious about their compliance plans.


background on EMV by Laura Miller covering many points with EMV compliant.  Data breach is twice a day alert.  Devices and transactions in the field for most part only populate a system which at some point is compromised. Internal systems, your vendors and your employees for that matter comprise the target.

Best Buy Express kiosks dispense electronics — and lots of profits

You might have seen those Best Buy Express kiosks at airports and train stations around the country. These souped up vending machines don’t dispense Cheetos and gum but rather premium Beats headpho…


According to a source close to Zoom, Best Buy Express generates anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 a month per kiosk. Do the math and that means the consumer electronics retailer, based in Richfield, Minn., generates roughly between $20 million and $120 million a year in sales off those machines.

ATV CEO: Automated Retailing On the Move in US, Kiosks Taking Off – Video – TheStreet

Businesses are seeking more touch points while customers are demanding immediate gratification and this is leading to increased demand for kiosks, said Shannon Illingworth, CEO, AVT Inc. Illingworth said his freestanding kiosks supply hot foods and high-end goods to shoppers in a hurry. He added that less people are using cash so his machines now accept credit cards, PayPal and Google Wallet. ATV currently has carpet cleaning kiosks in Wal-Mart, as well as Opticwash kiosks in Las Vegas hotels. F


Good interview with AVT Illingworth

InComm Partners with GRUPO BB E MAPFRE to Offer Unique Alternatives to Purchase Insurance in Brazil

–InComm, a leading provider of integrated point-of-sale technology solutions to retailers, is pleased to announce a partnership with GRUPO BB E MAPFRE, the number one multinational insurer in Brazil, to launch the project “Família Sempre Protegida”, a program that will enable consumers to purchase selected types of insurance from local vending machines and…


InComm insurance vending developing product in the South America

Robot and kiosk union ‘a match made in heaven’

How kiosks are leveraging the robot to boost customer service and revenue.


A look at tv-style robot assistants (no writeup on the Lowes robot in the news yesterday). The article credits Karel Capek with “robot” and that was in his novel RUR but the more important output word from that was Android which was immortalized in the original Star Trek episode with Methuselah. And it was Brothers Kapek. Josef actually invented word “roboti” which became robot.

Debenhams buys in to multi-channel as high street sales slump

Debenhams has been one of the most familiar names on the UK high street since 1905, but in its lifetime it’s been through many changes, the latest being its ongoing shift to a multichannel future.


Analysis of company pinpoints problems with “Click & Collect” strategy since there is no unified inventory system, instead one for stores and one for online. Mobile devices were a huge traffic component for their website at almost 60%. Click and Collect grew to 22.5% of all online orders (up 7.4% over 2013).

Why WalMart’s decision to disable NFC to fight Apple Pay will backfire

Much was made over the weekend about measures taken by several large retailers, including CVS, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven and the grandaddy of them all, WalMart, to avoid supporting Apple Pay. The retailer…


CurrentC based on QR-codes isn’t the highest tech competitor for NFC (though we know what that stands for).  I think the privacy implications of CurrentC do not serve it well.

3D full-body scanning booth to create custom figurines

3D hardware maker Artec announced the U.S. debut of the Shapify Booth, which can scan a person’s body in 12 seconds to create 3D printed replica figurines


Walmart-owned ASDA supermarkets in the U.K. are beta testing 3D full-body scanning booths that allow patrons to buy 6-in to 9-in high “selfie” figurines. Artec Group, a maker of 3D scanners and software, said its Shapify Booth, which can scan your entire body in 12 seconds and use the resulting file to create a full-color 3D printed model, is making its U.S. debut this week. 

Pharmacy Automation Devices Market – Global Industry Trends, Analysis And Segment Forecasts To 2020 – Pharmacy Automation Devices Market, Outlook, Size, Application, Product, Share, Growth Prospect…

Pharmacy Automation Devices Market – Global Industry Trends, Analysis And Segment Forecasts To 2020 – Pharmacy Automation Devices Market, Outlook, Size, Application, Product, Share, Growth Prospects, Key Opportunities, Dynamics, Analysis, Pharmacy Automation Devices Report – Grand View Research Inc


Companies analyzed in competitive landscape

  1. AmerisourceBergen Corporation
  2. Accu Chart Healthcare
  3. CareFusion Corporation
  4. ForHealth Technologies
  5. Fulcrum Inc
  6. GSE Scale Systems
  7. McKesson Corporation
  8. Pearson Medical Technologies
  9. Innovation PharmaAssist Robotics
  10. Health Robotics SRL
  11. Medacist,
  12. Kirby Lester
  13. Pyxis Pharmacy Automation Systems
  14. MedDispence,
  15. Rice Lake Weighing Systems
  16. Cerner Corporation
  17. Omnicell Inc
  18. Aesynt Inc.
  19. Parat Systems Pharmacy Automation
  20. Baxter International Inc.
  21. Swisslog Holding Ltd
  22. ScriptPro LLC
  23. Yuyama Co. Ltd
  24. Talyst Inc.

The Road To EMV In The U.S. – Experts Sound Off |

There are few subjects that highlight the chasm of opinions between payments players quite like EMV. That EMV is coming: of that there can be no doubt. In a


panel was positive on EMV’s adoption, which the majority forecasting that by the time of the liability shift deadline, over 50 percent of retailers will have switched over to EMV.

Among EMV’s detractors, the prevailing opinion is that EMV is the best payment security the 1990’s had to offer, which is problematic since it is almost 2015. According to critics, EMV goes to the American market as an anachronism, trying to protect cards when the payments ecosystem is evolving towards mobile.

Rite Aid Dumps Apple Pay |

After accepting Apple Pay at all of its stores on the Apple Pay launch day on Monday (Oct. 20), the $26 billion 4,600-store Rite Aid pharmacy chain apparently changed its mind and yanked support from those stores Wednesday (Oct. 22), with no official explanation.


Speculation – Rite Aid is backer of Walmart-backed MCX’s CurrentC. Rival Walgreens is a major Apple Pay supporter.

Amazon opening holiday kiosk in Roseville Galleria

After nearly two decades of relying almost exclusively on e-commerce, Amazon said Wednesday it will soon open temporary holiday kiosks at the Westfield Galleria at Roseville and a San Francisco mall. The big Internet retailer said the kiosks will give shoppers a better opportunity to try out and purchase Kindle e-readers and other Amazon electronic devices.


Here comes Amazon (and Google and ….)

Apple Pay now accepted by Whole Foods, Disney Store and Walgreens « Retail Innovation

The Apple Pay revolution is gaining momentum with Walgreens, Disney Store and Whole Foods are amongst a number of US retailers who have started accepting Apple Pay.


“Customer experience is top of mind for Walgreens, and Apple Pay provides more flexibility for customers to use their payment of choice,” said Alex Gourlay, President, Customer Experience and Daily Living, Walgreens. “Incorporating the latest mobile technology into our business is another way we are offering ultimate convenience for our customers.”

Wal-Mart works to anticipate customer needs with lockers, pharmacy app

Price, assortment, experience and access is how Wal-Mart execs define what matters most to customers, and they are working to lead in each of these areas by combining physical retail expertise with ongoing innovation from


WIth the locker system, he said shoppers go to the kiosk at the locker site in the front of the store. An email or text confirmation is sent to the customer once the order is set for pickup at the store locker. The details for how to access and open the correct locker is included in the confirmation. 

The lockers themselves range in size from (3” X 3”) to (18” X 18”), with six inch and nine inch versions in between. The locker resembles a large billboard display that greets customers entering the store rather than a bank of lockers as there are no handles or numbers of identifying letters. The appropriate door opens for the customer automatically once the code information is entered in the kiosk.