Retail Automation – Meet The Google Analytics For Physical Retail

Online retailers up until very recently have had a significant leg-up data-wise, simply because a customer’s very presence on their page offered up an intensely educational experience for retailers.
What do consumers look at?


“Some stores see sales most closely correlated with engagement rates — the percentage of people in the store show stays longer than 20 minutes. For other stores, the driving sales factor is conversion rate — the number of people who walk by who end up walking into the store. It really is all over the map — and often will change even within the same store.”

Today, over 500 retailers work with Euclid — and Franson reports their size varies from ultra-tiny SMBs to large retailers with hundreds of locations. The world his firm operates in today is very different from the one it launched in a mere five years ago.

Retail Systems – One-Two Punch Of Shoplifting & Fraud Costs Retailers $44B

Retailers got hurt from two directions last year: When they weren’t getting straight-up robbed, they were being defrauded from within. And it all contributed to industry losses totaling $44 billion for the year.


Employee/internal theft contributed to 34.5 percent of shrink, followed by administrative and paperwork errors at 16.5 percent, then vendor fraud or error at 6.8 percent. Bringing up the rear in the categories contributing to retail shrink in 2104 was unknown loss at 6.1 percent.

SDG Systems Enhances EPX Barcode Framework for Android, Adding Code Reader Driver Support

Scanners may be connected to and controlled from the USB port of the Poynt payment terminal. Developers can integrate with the Poynt terminal using a licensed driver and free SDK from SDG Systems. For un-tethered convenience, support for Bluetooth-connected Code Scanners, like the CR2300, is planned. The driver is expected to support full bi-directional communication.


Is PCI-DSS Still Viable?

At last week’s payments security event at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, some merchants and industry experts said the PCI-DSS may soon outlive its usefulness. Find out about their concerns.


Nice article. My comment was: With the increased fees for EMV transaction banks are charging, they themselves are discouraging adoption. And then devices/upgrades are no picnic. And given the dust in the air between Apple Pay and Android Pay I think many are reconsidering and adopting EMV-ready as opposed to EMV-implemented.

Retail Automation – C Spire Chooses Source Technologies’ 6-Series BillPay Kiosk for In-Store Bill Payments

Source Tech announced that the wireless communications unit of C Spire has selected its 6-Series BillPay kiosk for in-store bill payments.


With a footprint at just over one square foot, the 6-Series kiosk can be placed anywhere within C Spire’s retail store environments without impacting displays or foot traffic flow. The kiosk features industrial grade, long-life components including the latest projective capacitive touch technology screen – the same technology pioneered by Apple for use on the iPhone.

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