US retailers fear they’ll miss EMV transition deadline | PaymentEye

A US trade group is asking the payment-card industry to delay the October EMV transition plan that will leave the retail food stores and pharmacies it represents liable for fraudulent transactions if they are unable to meet the deadline.


FMI sent letter to VISA/MC asking for 2016. Retail food stores and pharmacies will not be able to meet 2015 deadline.

Along with the cost of updating their equipment, merchants face a 16-week delay for delivery of EMV-enabled card readers, the letter said. The group of American retailers also fears that the introduction of chip cards will cause larger checkout queues during the run up to the holiday season.

Bitcoin Foundation ‘effectively bankrupt’, may split in two

The Bitcoin Foundation may split into two separate bodies after facing reputational damage, declining membership and continued losses.


“The foundation has almost no money left, and just fired 90 per cent of its people. Some will stay on as volunteers,” Janssens wrote, adding that a lack of transparency and poor spending decisions led to its current crisis.

“The foundation isn’t bankrupt, but the board needs to decide whether the responsible thing to do is to continue the organization with a much smaller organization and vision or to dissolve it,” board member Gavin Adresensaid in response.

According to the leaked document, the Foundation still can still cover operational costs at its current burn rate for several months.

Reds food vendor rolls out self-serve beer machines at ballpark

Delaware North Sportservice, the team’s food provider, has installed 20 self-serve beer kiosks at Great American Ball Park for the 2015 season.


The machines, produced by DraftServ Technologies and set up at 10 locations throughout the stadiums, allow fans to purchase cards in $20 and $100 increments to buy Anheuser-Busch products by the ounce.

Outside the ballpark, the stored-value cards will be sold at retail stores in Greater Cincinnati and can be used throughout the season, said Don Dierig, Sportservice’s district manager.

In addition, Sportservice has set up four kiosks along the third-base side of the main concourse that allow fans to order and pay for food items for express pickup at six themed concession stands, including the region’s famous Skyline Chili dogs. Those machines will be operational by the Reds’ second homestand, starting April 24 against the Cubs.

Retail Automation – ‘Smart’ Scanners At Dubai Airports To Screen Luggage In 3 Minutes

March 19–DUBAI — Passengers at the Dubai International Airports need not worry about queuing to get their luggage scanned with the invention of the new first-of-its-kind Smart Customs Inspection System. The whole inspection process will take not more…


.The whole inspection process will take not more than three minutes while thoroughly scanning all the details of the baggage contents and checking if any of its contents is dangerous or among the restricted items.

Zebra Technologies Q4 2014 Results – The Year of Android – Best year ever for printers.

Zebra Q4 2014 Earnings Call March 17th.  All product categories grew with record shipments of desktop printers and notable activity in mobile and tabletop printers. In addition, supplies posted its best quarter ever


Android made substantial progress during the year as the industry embraced the operating system as an effective alternative to Microsoft. We now refer to 2014 as the year of Android. The sales of Android products increased more than 400% for the year. With strategic investments in Android beginning in 2011, we took an early lead over the competition by introducing products, now totaling seven on the Android operating system.

Apple Pay Would Be Great, If We Could Use It

As a proud Apple iPhone 6 Plus owner, editor Angela Diffly ponders why Apple Pay remains intangible – even for those who hold the digital keys to this magic payments kingdom.


No one said it would be easy to change consumer behavior from something so ingrained, like swiping a credit card, to something so cool, like mobile wallet, or even something so different, like chip and PIN. Let’s face it, many Americans — embarrassingly enough — still write checks at the supermarket. Here’s an idea — instead of ten items or less, how about opening lanes for mobile wallet users? Before that dream can become reality, retailers must first accept mobile wallet — period. What a novel idea.

McDonalds Ordering Menu Downers Grover


After I customized my quarter-pound burger with pretty standard dressings, I stood a little lost and nearly alone at the pickup counter for a few minutes. I turned back to the kiosk attendant/spirit guide and asked, “Am I supposed to wait here?”

I wasn’t. That’s how unprepared I was for the table service feature.

I bashfully took my numbered receipt and a table tracker, which looks much like any restaurant buzzer you get while waiting to be seated, and I joined my lunchmates, who were sharp enough to know right away to sit down to wait.

I was surprised to learn the table tracker wasn’t made for buzzing, but for, well, table tracking. My order was assigned to my tracker, which relayed my table location to the staff so they could find me to deliver my food.

However, the trackers don’t specify where at the table each person sits, and there was some confusion when the waiter brought burgers to our table of three. She used order numbers that corresponded to numbers printed on our receipts, but there were similar numbers also assigned to each of our table trackers.

Maybe this wouldn’t ordinarily be an issue at a table service restaurant, but after spending a good bit of time poking around the menu to customize our orders, we couldn’t remember exactly what we’d chosen. It took a minute to sort out.

I was also surprised when one hamburger, ordered with pickles, arrived at our table pickle-less. Like any other restaurant operation, the kiosk system isn’t perfect.

The burgers are served open faced, with warm ingredients on the bottom bun and toppings like lettuce and tomato resting on the top. This presentation is certainly a better look than the usual paper-wrapped cheeseburgers and boxed Big Macs.

And it tastes good. I’ve turned my nose up at McDonald’s hamburgers for years, but in a grand ranking of fast food hamburgers, this one could be sandwiched between Five Guys and Whataburger.

Am I surprised? Well, yeah. In a 2014 Consumer Reports survey, customers ranked McDonald’s hamburgers below 20 similar competitor products. I guess it makes sense that the powerful and iconic burger joint would kickstart an initiative to turn that public image around. That’s what Create Your Taste is, and maybe it could work.

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Retail automation – Sephora’s digital gifting gift card revenue takes off with CashStar

By partnering up with CashStar, the brand is now able to allow customers to instantly purchase and send personalized digital gift cards from any smartphone, tablet or desktop.


The brand has also experienced a 51 percent redemption rate from consumers within the first month of activation, and an initial purchase value 30 percent higher compared to plastic gift cards, proving that mobile offers a layer of much-needed convenience to on-the-go consumers.

Retail automation – Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station introduces Avenue C 24/7 kiosk micro-market

 Inside Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station underground complex, AAFES recently revamped their shoppette into a 24/7 Avenue C marketplace. The unmanned micro-market provides healthier food options with the touch of a thumb.


To install an Avenue C in a work area there needs to be at least 500 employees in the work area and/or a 24-hour facility. Avenue C provides vending at Schriever AFB, Peterson AFB, the Air Force Academy and many locations in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo area

Retail automation – Google opens its first branded retail store (in London)

Google is taking its biggest step yet into the world of bricks-and-mortar retail.


On Wednesday, the Internet giant opened its first branded store in London, which is being used to showcase a range of Google products, including Chromebooks, Android phones and Chromecast dongles.

Unlike the Apple Store, however, the Google store is really a store within a store. In this case, it’s housed inside of is Currys PC World, a UK electronics retailer.

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