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Automated Retail Innovator Invenda Raises $7.5M – Smart Vending

Smart Vending and Smart Kiosks The Swiss company transforming mechanical vending machines and kiosks into smart IoT-devices with patented touchless technology, AI-powered engagement and crypto-payments, builds on large new U.S. orders. Invenda makes crypto-capable, touchless, IoT/AI vending machines and kiosks. They just raised $7.5M — with Swiss retail heavies like Walter Huber and Phillipe Gaydoul leading. We’ll post the… Read More »

Vending Checkout – AI-Powered Self-Checkout and Vending Charlotte Airport Kiosks – Grab and Go

Grab and Go Smart Vending Airports HMS Introduces Smart Vending press release — HMSHost Smart Vending for Touchless Food and Beverage Experience. Dynamic Vision Recognition Captures Purchased Snack Items While Automated Blue Light Cleans Vending Machine Between Users. Editors Note: HMS Hosting announcing deployment of AI Self-Checkout Smart Vending in Charlotte.  The language is odd such as “Just… Read More »