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QSR Market Update Opinion – QSR & Fast Casual Restaurants – Is the Restaurant Business Getting Better?

Editor Note:  We do interviews with magazines (recently for NRN) and in those we express what we call “ad hoc” opinions based on what we have seen and heard. For sure, QSR orders for self-service kiosks have declined in certain segments. Drive-Thru has been steady through all of this. But orders from your usual fast-casual companies serving that… Read More »

Vending Market Research

From Kiosk Industry May 2020 — Vending sales are expected to accelerate post-pandemic, due to affordability of its footprint and sanitary interface, when compared to a crowded store. Excerpt from Canadian Vending magazine May 2020 — Kiosk sales are expected to accelerate post-pandemic, due to affordability of its footprint and sanitary interface, when compared to a crowded store. Take-Aways Kiosks… Read More »

The State of Retailing Online 2019 – NRF and Forrester

NRF Research The State of Retailing Online 2019 National Retail Federation Published Mar 11, 2019 Developed in partnership with Forrester Research, the annual State of Retailing Online report provides an overview of metrics from the previous year as well as retailers’ key priorities, investments and challenges for this year. For the first time, the report also details retailers’… Read More »

Brochure and Key Findings for Retail Automation Market

Retail Automation Research New report by Markets and Market. ·         Benefits of business optimization and reduced cost to retailers is largely contributing to the growth of retail automation market. ·         The large investments in warehouse automation are helping to improve productivity and flexibility in inventory management for retail stores. ·         The retail automation market, by end user, is expected to be… Read More »

White Paper – Consumer Behavior 2015 Retail

Consumers look to spend in brick-and-mortar When discussing the state of retail, it is important to investigate retail spending trends. Recent research by eMarketer takes a look at how and where consumers in the United States are going to be spending money over the next 6 or 7 years. eMarketer’s research reveals that disposable income spent by consumers in… Read More »

How to Manage Innovation With Design Thinking

Innovative new products are the lifeblood of society’s progress but the risk of market, technology or execution failure is significant. With failure rates of 30-40% for incremental innovations and 95% for breakthrough innovations, rates of return are difficult to predict. Only the best survives in the game of innovation. Managing New Product Development (NPD) can thus be daunting,… Read More »

Wireless M2M & IoT Market $196 Billion by 2020

Despite its low ARPU, the wireless M2M market has become a key focus of many mobile network operators as their traditional voice and data markets become saturated. Likewise, government and regulatory initiatives such as the EU initiatives to have a smart meter penetration level of 80% by 2020 and the mandatory inclusion of automotive safety systems such as… Read More »