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News from the retail automation sector

The automated retail industry is one of the two core technology showplaces today (financial Services being #2).

    • Emerging technologies such as robotics, lockers, digital signage, vending and automated vending lead the way.   Amazon and Google revolutionize physical delivery. OuterWall has another great idea (or not).
    • More mature retail technology includes interactive displays, next-generation POS,  mobile interplay, multi-touch, kiosks for self-service, video services, and customer service technology.
    • Companion technologies include ATMs, kiosks, Advanced ATMS,  NFC and thin client.
    • Standards – here we have more regulatory guidelines in play along with more standards than any other industry. PCI, OPOS, JPOS, MPOS,  HIPAA, ADA, UL, CE just to name a few.

Amazon Lockers vs. Walmart pickup tower: Which is better?

Amazon Lockers and Walmart’s pickup towers let shoppers pick up their products in-store and save on shipping. We tested them to see which was better.


Good writeup on actually using both of the units. We were not surprised that Amazon won.  Having used it at the local Whole Foods it was measured almost in single digit seconds to pickup. Looks like Walmart overthought it and over complicated it.

Why Healthy Vending Machines Are Trending

As our lives get busier and more and more people are working remotely than ever before, we find ourselves in a moment in history when vending machines make a lot of sense: They’re convenient, they’re fast, they’re affordable—and now, they’re finally getting healthier.


Enough With the U.S. Retail Apocalypse – Bloomberg

Not every company is rolling over as Amazon runs roughshod over the industry.


Her “retail matrix” analyses four factors that affect retailers: brands, experiential, frictionless and low-cost. These ingredients largely determine success amid brutal competition.


Meanwhile, Kahn says, “digitally native vertical brands” have become big sellers. Niche brands like Warby Parker eyeglasses, Casper mattresses and Allbirds shoes are creating a very different shopping experience — and competing successfully against the retail behemoths.