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Kroger Provides Free COVID Testing to Employees

From Progressive Grocer May 2020 — The Kroger Co. will provide free COVID-19 testing to its workers, ramping up the testing already offered by the grocer and other food retailers. Kroger said that it will test front-line associates “based on symptoms and medical need” via its health care division, Kroger Health. “Tests will be a combination of self-administered kits and… Read More »

Healthcare kiosks streamline patient check-in

From Frank Mayer blog Apr2020 As news reports detail the impact COVID-19 will have on our population and the healthcare system that serves it, many medical facilities have put systems in place to streamline services and keep frontline workers safe.  Once the pandemic ends, these same procedures will remain, with clinics and hospitals looking to invest in strategies… Read More »

Retail against the Coronavirus

From Bain.com March 2020 — Companies can brace themselves for lasting changes to the sector even as they grapple with short-term disruption. At A Glance We’ve put together an operational checklist to help retailers frame their immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic and their medium-term planning for an eventual recovery. Key actions include empowering your emergency response team,… Read More »