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Paying With a QR Code – BNPL or Buy Now Pay Later

How To Pay With A QR Code (and pay later) Nice writeup on PaymentDive on Paypal Dive Brief: PayPal, an online payment provider, expects the popularity of QR codes and buy now-pay later options to rise because the pandemic has changed consumers’ payment preferences. Since PayPal’s launch of QR code payments for businesses last May, many merchants have adopted… Read More »

QR Code Payments: How Do QR Codes Work?

From the Ingenico Blog and Written by Ian Benn | Apr 14, 2021 It’s strange how technology use changes over time. Take the QR code: It has been around for more than a quarter of a century but is only now starting to become more visible in our lives. What began as a simple tool to help Japanese car makers track… Read More »