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The automated retail industry is one of the two core technology showplaces today (financial Services being #2).

    • Emerging technologies such as robotics, lockers, digital signage, vending and automated vending lead the way.   Amazon and Google revolutionize physical delivery. OuterWall has another great idea (or not).
    • More mature retail technology includes interactive displays, next-generation POS,  mobile interplay, multi-touch, kiosks for self-service, video services, and customer service technology.
    • Companion technologies include ATMs, kiosks, Advanced ATMS,  NFC and thin client.
    • Standards – here we have more regulatory guidelines in play along with more standards than any other industry. PCI, OPOS, JPOS, MPOS,  HIPAA, ADA, UL, CE just to name a few.

Retail Automation – ‘Smart’ Scanners At Dubai Airports To Screen Luggage In 3 Minutes

March 19–DUBAI — Passengers at the Dubai International Airports need not worry about queuing to get their luggage scanned with the invention of the new first-of-its-kind Smart Customs Inspection System. The whole inspection process will take not more… Source: .The whole inspection process will take not more than three minutes while thoroughly scanning all the details of… Read More »

Zebra Technologies Q4 2014 Results – The Year of Android – Best year ever for printers.

Zebra Q4 2014 Earnings Call March 17th.  All product categories grew with record shipments of desktop printers and notable activity in mobile and tabletop printers. In addition, supplies posted its best quarter ever Source: Android made substantial progress during the year as the industry embraced the operating system as an effective alternative to Microsoft. We now refer… Read More »

Apple Pay Would Be Great, If We Could Use It

As a proud Apple iPhone 6 Plus owner, editor Angela Diffly ponders why Apple Pay remains intangible – even for those who hold the digital keys to this magic payments kingdom. Source: No one said it would be easy to change consumer behavior from something so ingrained, like swiping a credit card, to something so cool, like… Read More »

What the Apple Watch means for retail

its most immediate potential for retailers is to increase use of the Apple Pay mobile wallet system. Source: its most immediate potential for retailers is to increase use of the Apple Pay mobile wallet system.

Retail automation – Sephora’s digital gifting gift card revenue takes off with CashStar

By partnering up with CashStar, the brand is now able to allow customers to instantly purchase and send personalized digital gift cards from any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Source: The brand has also experienced a 51 percent redemption rate from consumers within the first month of activation, and an initial purchase value 30 percent higher compared to… Read More »

Why Western Union’s days on the high street are numbered (video)

In this video interview PaymentEye Editor Lucy England speaks to Michael Kent, founder and CEO of remittance specialist Azimo, about the future of the market. Source: Western Union with 15% and conventional payment is the big player but the growth belongs to digital payments. WU and MoneyGram both know that mobile is quicker, easier and most importantly,… Read More »