What In-store Kiosks Can Learn from Online Research

By | September 26, 2014

Susan Reda wrote an article in the most recent publication of STORES, the Magazine of NRF, about “Upping the Stakes in online retail. Some of the findings should be used to guide retailers as they carry their online offerings and services through to brick and mortar locations via the usage of in store kiosks and in store employee interactions.

According to Reda, The research identified a number of components for analyzing customer service and retailer success

Order Lifecycle

Offer to Complete Transaction

Difference Between Estimated & Actual Delivery Dates

Refund Provided Within 28 Days, Notification of Refund in Process

Chat – Addressed Two Sample Questions Without Reminder

One of the consistent themes with regard to all of the above components is “communication”.  The communication piece is extremely important from purchase to delivery to return.  How can retailers use kiosks and other in store experiences to improve the customer relationship?  Communication. Communication. Communication.

Using kiosks to improve the frequency, style, and method of communication can be a huge asset for retailers.  A kiosk application can be used to set customer expectations from the start.   Kiosks can provide both visual and interactive displays for customers to receive important “expectation setting” information.

To read the article in its entirety, visit the NRF website here and Susan Reda on twitter (@Susan_Reda). How do your customers experience better communication in store than online?  How can those experiences be improved?