AI-Powered Skincare Kiosk in Retail

By | August 1, 2021

Skincare Kiosk AI in Retail

skincare kiosk AI

skincare kiosk AI

From Trendhunter July 2021

Editors Note:  First time we have seen skin care kiosk, and with AI. Actually makes a lot of sense especially with the quality of cameras these days.  These could work in telemedicine quite easily. Put one in every Ulta salon or Sephora for that matter as a public service (and increased sales). They were supposed to come to Sephora as handheld devices but the pandemic likely shunted that off for now.


LUMINI, an AI-based skin analysis solution developed by lululab, is taking skincare kiosks to the next level via the Korean government’s AI voucher support project. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the kiosk is capable of scanning, diagnosing and making recommendations based on the needs of an individual.

The convenient, hygienic and personalized experience leverages big data and K-beauty to match people to the best solutions for their skin. The process of collecting data about the skin only takes about 10 seconds and it looks at several factors, including pores, wrinkles, sebum, melasma, redness, acne, and oil and moisture balance, with a high degree of accuracy. The kiosk even boasts distance adjusting technology for facial recognition and features that recognize the presence of external lighting or makeup.

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What’s the Lululab Lumini AI Skincare Assistant?

Lululab originally began as an internal project at Samsung but spun-off from the conglomerate in 2017 to become its own brand. Its flagship device is the Lumini, which is described as:

…the first in the beauty industry to use the artificial intelligence technology to digitize the skin. With one photo shoot, it analyzes your skin accurately within 10 seconds and recommends the best product.

Lululab has been celebrated for this advancement in skincare tech, garnering accolades and awards at CosmoprofViva Technology, and even CES 2019.


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