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AI Assisting Retail with Revenue

AI Useful Results for Retailers Article on retailtouchpoints July 10th on AI and Retail. Quick Brief / Summary AI is coming Retailers exploring and new startups like Verneek have formed. We’ve covered Verneek and their terrific pilot they finished with Sprouts. Very successful. They include some nice data predictions — Global ecommerce sales, representing 22% of all retail sales, could increase to $5.4 trillion… Read More »

AI-Powered Skincare Kiosk in Retail

Skincare Kiosk AI in Retail From Trendhunter July 2021 Editors Note:  First time we have seen skin care kiosk, and with AI. Actually makes a lot of sense especially with the quality of cameras these days.  These could work in telemedicine quite easily. Put one in every Ulta salon or Sephora for that matter as a public service… Read More »