Autonomous Robots Airport Food Delivery Robot

By | January 2, 2022

Automatic “drone” food delivery in the airport deployed. Ottobots are coming. Robotics writeup on newatlas 12/17/2021

Autonomous robots

Autonomous robots

Autonomous robots

UPDATE (Dec. 20/02): A representative for the company has informed us that the Ottobots are able to find their way within the airport by initially creating a “digital twin” – a computer map – of the serviceable area, then subsequently using onboard hardware to track their location within that map in real-time.

Nice pictures included in the article. Robot uses LIDAR module and “other sensors” to navigate. Ottonomy uses phrase “contextual nobility navigation”. Avoids the moving sidewalks we would guess.

Food delivery robots are popular at colleges and schools (when students are attending that is).


Although some people are starting to venture back into air travel, the more that they can continue physical distancing, the better. A new robotic in-airport food delivery service has been introduced in order to help them do so.

Currently in use at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, the system incorporates a fleet of four-wheeled autonomous “Ottobots” made by robotics company Ottonomy.

In the present setup, travelers in the Concourse B area of the airport start by using a dedicated app to purchase food, beverages or travel products from select stores located elsewhere in the facility. Once their order has been placed, staff at the relevant store place the item(s) in the cargo compartment of one of the Ottobots, then send it on its way.