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pci compliance isn’t enough

PCI compliance is up — but it’s not enough to protect retailers from fraud. Source: So you built an 8 foot wall guess what? somebody will build a 10 foot ladder. pci compliance isn’t enough was last modified: June 22nd, 2015 by Retail Systems

Frank Mayer rolls out interactive gaming kiosks – Digital Signage Today

Frank Mayer and Associates Inc. have partnered with game developer Creative Kingdoms to create interactive gaming kiosks for children. Source: “Working with Frank Mayer and Associates Inc. has really helped us to take our game play to the next level,” Creative Kingdoms Senior Vice President Melissa Blettner said in the release. “With the combination of virtual environments on… Read More »

Schools consider digitized kiosks – Cody Enterprise

Door-sized digital kiosks could be coming to a school near you. Source: The SkoolLive touch-screen kiosks are “essentially 6-foot tall iPads or cell phones if you will, except you don’t get a call from them,” Kapptie said. “And with that, they are controlled by the school. They are controlled by the district in that sense.” Schools consider… Read More »

“Omnichannel” Retail Kiosk: Self-Service Creates Integrated Shopping Experience – The Lab

As consumers continue to gravitate toward using computers, tablets, and mobile devices to complete a retail transaction, it is more important than ever for retailers to develop an “omnichannel” shopping strategy that integrates the online and offline experiences – a combination of “bricks and clicks.” Source: “Omnichannel” Retail Kiosk: Self-Service Creates Integrated Shopping Experience – The Lab… Read More »

What Can You Do To Kickstart Your Self-Service? – Business 2 Community

Today’s customer service is becoming increasingly digital—35 percent of interactions now take place on digital channels. In response, more and more businesses are providing support across a varie… Source: What Can You Do To Kickstart Your Self-Service? – Business 2 Community was last modified: June 12th, 2015 by Retail Systems

IBM Watson Analytics helps grind big data in unmanned coffee shops

Honest Café automated shops tap into cloud-powered cognitive computing Source: IBM has worked with Revive Vending to create systems for unmanned coffee shops that tap into the cognitive computing technology of Watson Analytics for data analysis. Three unmanned Honest Café coffee shops are in operation in London, and another four are in the pipeline. The outlets offer… Read More »

Kiosk & Self-Service Advisory Panels – At home At work

I’ve been involved in this industry (kiosk) for way too long. A few years back we added self-service, and it seems the entire world is going that direction.  Yesterday I setup my new Amazon Echo. I am the early adopter techno-gheek running too many operating systems. Turns out though that it works perfectly for my wife who basically despises… Read More »