Dollar General to open 900 stores in 2018

By | March 15, 2018

Dollar General StoresDollar General Stores

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On the heels of ToysRus comes Dollar General which I think is the top rated value store (at least above Dollar Store).

Along with rival Dollar Tree, Dollar General is poised for ongoing success, in part because the American wage gap persists, leaving many living paycheck to paycheck and relying on their low food prices, according to retail analyst Nick Egelanian, president of retail development consultants SiteWorks International. Plus, Walmart’s distracted attention on e-commerce growth leaves them an opening, he said.

“The ‘dollar store’ industry has really become the ‘mini-grocery store’ industry today,” he said. “The stores are now 90% (plus or minus) consumables and are geared to working class, budget-minded consumers.”