How To Setup an Automat or Ghost Kitchen

By | June 11, 2021


How To Set Up A Ghost Kitchen or Automat

Nice blog article by QSR Automation on basics of AutoMat

In Brief

  • History of Automats — began in Germany in 1895
  • Coin operated automat history — Link
  • Modern Automat Overview – BOH acronym is “back of house”
  • Kitchen Essentials — a KDS or Kitchen Display System
  • Front of House customer technology such as Contactless (QR codes)
  • Outlook —  With the National Restaurant Association projecting a 10.2% increase in sales in 2021, the future is always looking brighter.


The pandemic has rendered what’s old new again. While mask mandates are slowly lifting in the U.S., many prefer to wear masks and remain socially distant. That has led to an influx in off-premise orders, contactless technologies, and the return of the automat. Effectively a vending machine for table service restaurants, an automat is an excellent way for guests to have their cake and eat it too. Evidence supports that masks and social distancing mitigated numerous viral contagions beyond COVID-19, making it a net positive for public health. Because of that, automats pull from the past to help reimagine a future that minimizes public health risks, while keeping customers hungry and ready for seconds.