Scanalytics Helps Grocery Stores Count Shoppers in Real Time

By | April 16, 2020

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Scanalytics, the Milwaukee-based company that makes floor sensor technology to track and collect data on human movement patterns, is providing its tech to Wisconsin grocer Metcalfe’s Market free of charge to help the company with COVID-19-induced capacity at its stores.

Metcalfe’s has three stores in Wisconsin, two in Madison and one in Wauwatosa. The grocer is only admitting 50% of its general capacity at any single time. Once the number is reached, customers are required to wait in a line outside the store, and the next shopper is only allowed to enter when someone inside completes their trip and leaves.

Scanalytics and Metcalfe’s began talking about deploying the technology in early April, said Scanalytics CEO Joe Scanlin. Scanalytics had a previous working relationship with Metcalfe’s, who initiated the conversation, he said.

Joe Scanlon

Scanalytics CEO Joe Scanlin (Photo via Scanlin)

The first installations will be in Metcalfe’s Madison stores, followed by the Wauwatosa location.

Scanalytics’ system will provide real-time data to Metcalfe’s workers that can be viewed on mobile devices. The system includes an indicator that alerts workers when capacity is reached.

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