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Standard Cognition buys cashierless DeepMagic – Retail Kiosks

Cashierless Retail Kiosk News Valued at $535 million, autonomous retail startup Standard Cognition has emerged as a soon-to-be tech giant and the best hope for merchants to compete with Amazon Go. Cashierless checkout is poised to transform brick-and-mortar commerce, and shop owners fear having to battle Amazon’s technology alone or partner with it, exposing data it could use… Read More »

New Smart Store without Cashiers – Prototype in California

Excerpt: Connectivity Shoplifting in a Smart Store without Cashiers and Here’s What Happened Checkout systems are going autonomous. by Rachel Metz September 6, 2017 Say goodbye to the glitchy self-checkout scanners in your local retail store. Grocery buying is about to get a big boost from artificial intelligence. At a prototype store in Santa Clara, California, you grab a… Read More »