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Disney gets personal with new MyMagic+ reservation system.

Disney gets personal with MyMagic+ ORLANDO — Turnstiles, who needs ’em? In fact, at the Magic Kingdom’s entrance, they no longer exist. And soon, you won’t even need a paper ticket to enter the Happiest Place Source: From Earnings Call Feb 3–   Is there any – on MyMagic+, is there if anyway you can give us some… Read More »

Next Tech – the Poynt Smart Terminal

ThePoynt Smart Terminal combines the security and reliability of a traditional terminal with the unlimited versatility of a smartphone in a connected, multi-purpose device. With the PoyntOS and the help of 3rd party developers, the Poynt Smart Terminal also brings  merchants the tools and technology to manage every facet of their business with the tap of a button. Includes dual screen… Read More »