Does The Future Of Unattended Retail Revolve Around Patterns?

By | February 24, 2017

The Tracker features an interview with Sydney Green, senior director at Visa, about how to provide the best security for unattended retail transactions.




Almost all consumers have interacted with unstaffed or unattended retail systems, according to a study from Consumer Reports, which found that three-quarters of surveyed responders had tried self-checkout or self-service terminals in the past year.

The study also found that consumers overwhelmingly enjoyed using these unattended systems — 75 percent of respondents who had tried a self-service terminal said they enjoyed using it because they felt it saved time. And the appetite for more unattended retail seems to be healthy, considering Consumer Reports found that the top complaint among consumers was that retail stores and other merchants did not have enough unattended lanes in their stores.




One recent study of U.S. retailers found that the use of self-service terminals led to an increase in losses due to fraud and crime. Major breaches have even occurred at unattended and self-service terminals to renew drivers’ licenses and health insurance cards run by the Canadian government, exposing payment details for thousands of customers and eventually forcing the terminals to be taken offline.