Hospitality Strategy for Restaurants – Selling Margaritas & Chips

By | April 28, 2020
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Vida Taco Bar is Thriving with Cocktail Deliveries

article on Bar And Restaurant Apr2020 – by   Jeremiah Batucan |

The staff, clad in PPE, was spaced out as half prepared orders for the latest round of margarita orders while others bagged nacho chips for their food market opening up in a few hours. In the middle of it all, sat Andrew at a laptop, sorting through orders by neighborhoods and calling out names and addresses with his niece and General Manager of the shutdown Vida Annapolis location, Colleen Fox, as they cross-checked their delivery route for the evening.
This is Vida’s second or third burst of innovation fueled by necessity to survive. When Governor Hogan shut down restaurants in rather vague press announcements, Andrew Fox and his partners John Miller and Josh Brown thought they would have to close completely. “Within 5 minutes we were getting texts on clarifications that they didn’t want us to close completely, and wanted us to continue to serve the community”, says Andrew Fox.
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