Recyclers and ATM Solution Now in Trial

By | July 27, 2015

Recycling cash is a retail automation cornerstone.  Handling cash is its own cost and needs to be lowered.  Article points out new install of ATM with recycler.

If you’ve been around the ATM industry during the last several years, you will have heard a lot about cash recycling technology. But if you’ve been around the industry in the U.S., you won’t have seen it deployed. At all.

Some in the industry believe that this is bound to change; Elan Financial Services and Nautilus Hyosung America say that, in fact, change has begun already.

Example of Cash Recycler

Example of Cash Recycler

Last month, the two companies announced their collaboration on what they believe to be the first cash recycling system installation in the U.S. on behalf of a bank based in Flushing, Queens, home to New York City’s fourth largest business district.

The bank, which chooses to remain anonymous, introduced cash recycling as part of a branch reboot, and chose the Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 cash recycler to meet the purpose.

An EMV-enabled unit, the MX8800 features a 24-inch upper screen and a 15-inch lower touch screen on the consumer-facing side and a 15-inch operator panel on the back of the machine. The device is equipped with five configurable cassettes for multidenomination bank note dispense and deposit.

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