Starbucks Moves On From Square With Chase

By | October 23, 2015

JPMC has stepped up to fill in where Square left off at Starbucks. The question now is: Will JPMC be able to make money on a deal that lost Square $71 million.


Hopefully, JPMC can make the deal work better than its predecessor over at Square. Data made public in the Square’s IPO filing last week made it clear that processing for Starbucks was a losing proposition for Square, which lost $71 million for the firm over the course of three years.

The new Chase deal will cut short the Square contract, which is technically set to go until Q3 2016. JPMC will take up at least some of the processing duties immediately, with the total transition forecasted for spring next year.

Kevin Johnson, COO of Starbucks, noted that the new pair-up will prepare his company for the “coming wave of innovation in our digital payment ecosystem