Walmart Goes Interactive and Looks like Lidar

By | January 28, 2022
Walmart interactive store

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Editors Note: we are not sure exactly what technologies are in play here. Lidar is one possibility but then so is RFID and even more simple weight sensors (customers pick up an object and the weight changes triggering explanatory video on screens.

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Excerpt from Sixteen:Nine

Screens are nothing new to stores; they’ve been everywhere for decades. But despite the fact that most of us peruse the store with smartphones in our pockets, Walmart’s new design features many large, updated screens to offer contextual information.

A new men’s grooming section—which was also an initiative pioneered by Target a few years ago—features a super-wide screen over the top of the aisle. The surprise is that this screen is passively interactive. In other words, when you grab a razor off the shelf, the screen will automatically display customer reviews about that specific razor.

So, what does the next Walmart look like? Big corner displays. QR codes everywhere. And smart screens that know what you’re considering buying. It’s a mix of experiential purchasing (a trait that Walmart’s warehouse-like stores have lacked) and quick mobile app integration (where Walmart has already excelled for a few years now). The idea is that you can touch and feel products, but if you want to see a couch in another color, or even have it delivered to your home instead of buying it at the store, there’s always the app.

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Here is expositional video —


Last year, we announced the first phase of our store redesign that was focused on navigation and wayfinding. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we now have close to 1,000 stores renovated with this new design to help customers save time in finding what they need.

In this next phase of our redesign, we’re amplifying the physical, human and digital design elements in our stores to inspire customers and elevate the experience. Physical elements include lighting, space enhancements, dynamic displays and more. Our visual merchandising experts have highlighted exciting brands and created engaging experiences that bring to life the human element. Finally, QR codes and digital screens create opportunities for digital exploration. But making the store more engaging isn’t enough. We have to do all of this in a way that is unique to Walmart.