Contactless 3D Lidar Scanner Technology – Lidar in Retail Restaurants – Unmanned Stores

By | January 29, 2022
3D Lidar Scanner for Retail Restaurants

Lidar Scanner Primer

Contactless 3D lidar scanning is already moving into restaurants and retail in the United States and Japan. You can see that in the Amazon Grab and Go for example.

One company at the forefront is Hitachi-LG Data Storage from Korea.  They have a Safe Pass product line which covers standalone terminal stations as well as a ceiling mount.

Hitachi Safe Pass Product LIne

Hitachi Safe Pass Product LIne – Click for full size

Features of the Floor Stand, Table Stand and Ceiling Mount

  • People tracking and heat map
  • hand detection
  • queue monitoring
  • density measurement
  • dwell time
  • POE option
  • Plug and Play with Cloud
  • Integrated thermal sensors with AI facial recognition
  • Distance and Frame Rate from 10m/30 fps to 13m/30fps

Typical Locations

  • Restaurant
  • Office
  • Cafe
  • Building Entrance
  • Schools
  • Plant Entrance
  • Convenience Stores
  • Unmanned Stores

Lidar Scanner Video


Hitachi Lidar Scanner

Hitachi Lidar Scanner – Click for full size

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