6 Startups Selling Retail Automation Solutions with AI

By | April 16, 2018

Amazon recently showcased the use of AI for retail automation. Startups are developing similar tech to turn retail jobs over to the machines. 6 AI startups.

Source: www.nanalyze.com

Earlier this year, autonomous retail store Amazon Go opened to much fanfare, which just goes to show you how much we love buying isht. Every organization on the planet—even the 24-hour Elon Musk show known as Futurism—covered the event as if it were a visit by the pope. Headlines declared that the store of the future is here—and then promptly chased after the next squirrel. We’ve been watching the evolution of retail automation for a while now, so as the store went live in Seattle, we wrote about 11 Examples of Grocery Store Technology that will enable the grocery stores of the future. While Amazon Go is probably the most advanced convenience store on the planet, it’s far from being the only one ushering in the era of retail automation – where self-checkout is replaced by no checkout at all.