Touch Screen Monitor – Going Touchless – Intel Whitepaper Review – C+

By | December 28, 2020

Intel Touchless 2020 Whitepaper – Opinion

touch screen monitor touchless

touch screen monitor touchless

We saw this new whitepaper by Intel on touch screen monitors and going touchless and hoped that it would be an instructive article. Unfortunately it almost appears to be a couple of years old when it comes to technology. Seems to be intended more as a marketing promotion for a couple of Intel partners.

Disappointed.  Apparently, Intel has cut back on its funding for editorial content writers. The focus is Intel based for sure and IR Proximity Sensors, Camera and Radar Sensors, and of course OpenVino (talk to 22Miles about that)

Touchless Technologies for Kiosks and Vending Machines

In recent times, the new normal has driven us to explore ways to evolve human interactions with the ubiquitous touch screens. This paper focuses on some touchless technologies that can be used as effective alternatives to traditional touch-screen interfaces.

Meanwhile we caught the article on NPR where Rutgers, Virgina Tech and the NIH all point to ventilation and the air we breathe being the factor to worry about, not surface contacts and especially those that are cleaned and maintained for normal operation. You can listen to article as well.

At the start of the pandemic, stores quickly sold out of disinfectant sprays and wipes. People were advised to wipe down their packages and the cans they bought at the grocery store. But scientists have learned a lot this year about the coronavirus and how it’s transmitted, and it turns out all t…

Marr says focusing on cleaning surfaces is not the best way to slow infection.

“Instead of paying so much attention to cleaning surfaces, we might be better off paying attention to cleaning the air, given the finite amount of time and resources,” Marr says.

Fennelly agrees, noting that airborne transmission is more likely in indoor public places like restaurants.

“Why aren’t we doing more to figure out ways to ventilate those areas?” he asks. “It would be better to use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, which we know can kill these viruses in the air.”


  • If interested in touchless then the easy solution is any number of kiosk companies that provide proxy control via mobile phone. KioWare, KIOSK, 22Miles, Nanonation, Pyramid.
  • Touchless on kioskindustry is good place to start
  • Here is the Intel whitepaper for reference — Touch Screen Monitor – Touchless