UK Shop and Go Automated Store – Just Walk Out — Tesco, Sainsburys Aldi UK Review

By | February 22, 2022
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UK Shop and Go Automated Store

Ian Scott did a very nice walk-thru of the main “Walk In & Walk-Out” prototypes in the UK. If you have any questions or would like contact info for Ian send an email to [email protected]About Ian Scott — Rethink Retail Top 100 Influencer, Understanding the shifting retail landscape, delivering actionable solutions with global shopper marketing insights and a customer centric perspective.

The walk-thru has observations from the typical shopper and also illustrates some of the nuances. For example his daughter who was with him underwent age verification at Aldi’s however since they entered the store as a group, there was no way to do age verification for the group entity.

Here is intro:

When Amazon first launched their Just Walk Out technology, in the form of an Amazon Go store in 2018, they started a rapid development in retail check out technology services. Since that first convenience store opened in the US, Amazon has evolved the offer, opened in the UK and trialled larger store formats.

Likewise, other tech companies and retailers have watched, observed and invested in similar offerings. London has become the global test bed, with Tesco, Sainsbury’s and most recently, Aldi all offering Just Walk Out stores.

So I spent a day in London, visiting all four brands, to test out their sign up, shopping and store environments to compare them.

Let’s see what I found…

UK shop and go comparison

shop and go comparison – click for full size

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