Walmart doubles down on robots to shift labor costs: “We’re going big”

By | April 11, 2019

News story excerpt from CBS News

  • Walmart said it’s adding almost 4,000 robots to its stores and facilities.
  • The investment will allow human workers to shift to other tasks that are harder to automate.
  • The push into robotics comes as the company has boosted worker wages.

The robots are coming for Walmart workers’ jobs, with the retail giant saying it plans to add almost 4,000 robots to its stores and facilities as it seeks to remove human workers from routine tasks like scrubbing floors.

The company said the plan is part of a goal to shift human workers to customer-service roles, such as “engaging with customers,” according to a blog post. The new robots include the “Auto-C,” which polishes floors, and the FAST Unloader, which scans and sorts items unloaded from delivery trucks.

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