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Robotic Chef Makes Spaghetti

Robotic Kitchen with Robotic Chef We thought this was a robotic chef cool video and a cool company (in UK).  At first you might wonder why they would design a robot and kitchen using articulated human hands when other forms might be more effective. It’s instrumental in cloning or copying the exact hand and finger movements of a… Read More »

UV Disinfection Robot in Workplace Piloted by Ahold Delhaize (Food Lion, Giant Food, Hannaford, Stop&Shop & Peapod)

Automated Retail UV Disinfection Robots Full article on ProgressiveGrocer Jan 2021 — Retail Business Services (RBS), the services company of grocery Ahold Delhaize USA, has launched a pilot of UV disinfection robots from Ava Robotics in two of its affiliated distribution centers to aid in enhanced cleaning procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ahold Delhaize USA, a division of… Read More »

UV Robot with Disinfecting UV Light Announced by LG to be unveiled at Digital CES 2021

Hospitality Tech Reports UV Light Robot by LG – Dec2020 Excerpt: To be officially unveiled at Digital CES® 2021, LG’s new robot is expected to enable a new standard of hygiene by helping to disinfect high-touch, high-traffic areas. Because of its autonomous design, the robot will be able to move easily around tables, chairs and other furniture, generally irradiating… Read More »

Robot Kitchen Adds In-House Delivery

With Off-Prem in Mind, Spyce Relaunches Concept Hospitality Tech — By Anna Wolfe, Senior Editor – Restaurants – 11/10/2020 Excerpt: Spyce, a robotic kitchen that came on the scene in 2018, is reopening today in Boston. The concept has been redesigned with off-premises in mind. “… We’ve reinvented the way we cook and how customers can truly personalize their meals.… Read More »

Coronavirus Accelerates logistics automation higher up the agenda

From Robotics and Automation Apri 2020 What’s on the minds of automated research these days? This landscape – and therefore, the scope of the report – includes the following: Automated guide carts and vehicles Autonomous mobile industry vehicles (forklifts, tugs, and so on) Goods-to-person automated carts / robots Collaborative autonomous mobile robots Mobile picking robot (regular- and irregular-shaped… Read More »

Scanalytics and RetailLoco Giveaway

Floor Sensor Prize at Retail Loco One lucky attendee will walk away from the event with a free Scanalytics floor sensor system. Hosted by the Location Based Marketing Association, RetailLoco is a day-and-half-long event that will deliver insights and trends on the latest in mobile and location-based tools and techniques for retailers. The event will feature keynote speakers,… Read More »

Package Pickup Kiosk Locations Offer Safe Alternative To Doorstep Delivery

Companies like UPS and Amazon are looking to ensure more convenient and potentially easier shipping by designating specific pick-up locations for your packages.


The lockers live in more than 30 7-Elevens throughout the city. For Regional Manager Lazaro Rodriguez, having the units is a matter of convenience for guests.

“Guests can come in at lunch time, they can come here after work, they can come here 24 hours a day and pick up a package,” Rodriguez said.

Amazon Lockers can also be found in some grocery stores and pharmacies throughout New York City.

3D Printer Kiosk by Best Buy

ROBO 3D brings eye-catching 3D printing kiosks to Best Buy retail stores Nov 11, 2015 | By Kira – LINK TO ARTICLE Though we’ve recently seen some major retail names including Staples and Lowe’s enter the 3D printing consumer market, it’s clear that they were just at the forefront of a massive global movement. Next in line to… Read More »