Walmart Testing Self-Checkout ONLY at Arkansas Store

By | June 15, 2020
walmart self-checkout

From the Kansas City Star Jun2020

Going full self-checkout only has pluses and minuses. It has critics and fans.  The pandemic has sensitized buyers towards other people handling their food (after they have handled 200 other persons food).  A lot more Walmart employees now get to assist and make the experience better, rather than acting as checker.  Bagging groceries is another angle much like airline baggage where interaction of people who have interacted with a ton of other people is viewed in a negative light.

Good article and there is feedback at the end plus you can listen to the article which is nice.


Would you go to a Walmart that didn’t have cashiers?

That’s exactly what the company is testing at a store in Arkansas, KNWA reported.

A representative for Walmart told the outlet that store No. 359 in Fayetteville has been converted to a self-checkout only location, according to the outlet. Walmart says it is an attempt to make the check-out process more efficient, with less person-to-person interaction, KNWA reported.

The store doesn’t have any cashiers, but hosts are on hand to help customers with anything they may need — including bagging groceries, KFSM reported.

If the new format works well in Fayetteville, Walmart said it could launch other self-checkout only stores across the country, according to the outlet.

But some people say the change could make grocery shopping at the location difficult.

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