Touchless Drive-Thru by ICSC – WalkUp Pickup Lockers

By | March 25, 2021
touchless drive thru kiosk
pickup ordering kiosk

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Marketing note on ICSC March 2021

Great title. Summary:


What is your new digital drive-thru system, and what does it do?

We call this solution “D3” because it combines digital ordering, drive-thru ordering and delivery of the completed order to the customer in an entirely touchless system. Our D3 design uses frictionless technology to enhance safety for customers and employees. The system improves the customer experience by making drive-thru window operations faster and more efficient. It also frees the restaurant staff to focus on the kitchen and filling orders, ultimately reducing costs.

For the customer, the experience begins when they enter the drive-thru and place their order by speaking with a voice-enabled kiosk. They see their order on the display and can add items or make revisions without ever touching the screen. This eliminates human errors you can get when an employee enters a customer’s order for them. Artificial intelligence helps the kiosk suggest multiple options based on the customer’s preferences. To complete the order, the system presents a QR code for the customer to scan with their phone, which gives them an invoice and payment options to complete the transaction. Once they’ve entered their payment information and concluded the transaction, they receive a collection code on their phone when their order is ready. They retrieve their order at a bank of lock boxes, accessing their locker by either tapping an icon on their phone or manually entering a code. Then they can drive away or stay and eat in the restaurant’s seating area.