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Automated Retail Systems and Retail Automation

The automated retail industry is one of the two core technology showplaces today (financial Services being #2).

    • Emerging technologies such as robotics, lockers, digital signage, vending and automated vending lead the way.   Amazon and Google revolutionize physical delivery. OuterWall has another great idea (or not).
    • More mature retail technology includes interactive displays, next-generation POS,  mobile interplay, multi-touch, kiosks for self-service, video services, and customer service technology.
    • Companion technologies include ATMs, kiosks, Advanced ATMS,  NFC and thin client.
    • Standards – here we have more regulatory guidelines in play along with more standards than any other industry. PCI, OPOS, JPOS, MPOS,  HIPAA, ADA, UL, CE just to name a few.

UV Robot with Disinfecting UV Light Announced by LG to be unveiled at Digital CES 2021

Hospitality Tech Reports UV Light Robot by LG – Dec2020 Excerpt: To be officially unveiled at Digital CES® 2021, LG’s new robot is expected to enable a new standard of hygiene by helping to disinfect high-touch, high-traffic areas. Because of its autonomous design, the robot will be able to move easily around tables, chairs and other furniture, generally irradiating… Read More »

Scanalytics Helps Grocery Stores Count Shoppers in Real Time

Full article at WisconsinInno Apr2020 Scanalytics, the Milwaukee-based company that makes floor sensor technology to track and collect data on human movement patterns, is providing its tech to Wisconsin grocer Metcalfe’s Market free of charge to help the company with COVID-19-induced capacity at its stores. Metcalfe’s has three stores in Wisconsin, two in Madison and one in Wauwatosa. The grocer is… Read More »

Restaurant gift cards opportunity for sales

From the National Restaurant Association March 2020 Gift-card sales are a much-needed revenue source during the pandemic disruption. Cards appeal to homebound customers and play a big part in community outreach efforts. As coronavirus disrupts the U.S., restaurant owners and operators are looking for alternative ways to create much-needed revenue for their businesses. One way is promoting the… Read More »

Kiosk Research – Self-Service QSR Kiosks

From Kiosk Industry Feb 2020 Excerpt: Self-Service QSR Kiosks Gaining Popularity Editors Note: Short and concise report on QSR Kiosk market. Nothing on drive-thru kiosks. Quite a few players not included (maybe next time). Example would be reference to McDonalds Times Square Flagship project (see CNBC writeup we published back in May 2019). That is Pyramid Computer out of Germany making… Read More »

In-Store Loss Prevention – Home Depot’s efforts to stop a growing theft problem

Read full article on CNBC “I personally believe this is driven by the opioid crisis,” Carol Tome, Home Depot’s then-chief financial officer, said in a phone interview with CNBC in May. KEY POINTS Organized retail crime costs retailers nearly $778,000 per $1 billion in sales in 2018, an all-time high, according to a National Retail Federation survey In the… Read More »