Conversational AI With Voice That You Speak With

By | April 13, 2023
conversational AI voice

Conversational AI Voice

Good conversation with Verneek. Their conversational AI has been deployed in supermarket for 70+ days and getting feedback.  Very impressive since dynamically generated answers are on the table and not picking from a stock stable.

The shopper scans a barcode and then conducts voice conversation with AI.

  • No downloading of yet another app
  • no typing, purely voice (but not exclusively)
  • Multiple conditions don’t scare the AI
  • No creepy avatar
  • Mobile is required but stationary shopping stations (with print) would be an option with kiosks
  • On tap the ability to preset negative factors (never show me high sugar or high fructose for example)
  • Can suggest “related deals” much like Amazon does.
  • All in all, super-impressed with this first generation



Example Questions

One Quin can instantaneously answer any sophisticated question or address requests inside a given digital environment.
Inside a food shopping experience, for instance, consumers can ask:

Where can I find the healthiest dip you carry? No dairy, please! and only ratings higher than 4.

I am going vegan. Let’s add to my shopping list a high-protein snack without bad ingredients, costing under $2.

One Quin is able to provide the type of AI support that is unavailable on Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Search, or OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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