Retail Automation – Meet The Google Analytics For Physical Retail

By | July 3, 2015

Online retailers up until very recently have had a significant leg-up data-wise, simply because a customer’s very presence on their page offered up an intensely educational experience for retailers.
What do consumers look at?


“Some stores see sales most closely correlated with engagement rates — the percentage of people in the store show stays longer than 20 minutes. For other stores, the driving sales factor is conversion rate — the number of people who walk by who end up walking into the store. It really is all over the map — and often will change even within the same store.”

Today, over 500 retailers work with Euclid — and Franson reports their size varies from ultra-tiny SMBs to large retailers with hundreds of locations. The world his firm operates in today is very different from the one it launched in a mere five years ago.