Rebranded Kadabra Deploys Kiosk That’s Basically an Amazon Locker for Food

By | July 12, 2018

Sometimes it’s just easier to let people come to you. That seems to be the thinking as Kadabra (previously Veebie) debuts the second generation prototype of its cubby-filled kiosk. Unlike the…


“It’s much more sophisticated than our first prototype,” said Sperry. “It’s a fully functional IoT device that can operate without an attendant and is also refrigerated.”

By taking mobility off the table, Perry’s team was able to focus on making a more capable kiosk system that seems almost akin to an Amazon Locker for food. With the new kiosk system, a consumer can order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to the kiosk and then unlock a cubby with their phone. And because the new system is refrigerated, food can be placed into a cubby (called pods) for a much longer period of time.