Robotic Server LG ServeBot for Restaurants & Hospitality

By | January 29, 2023
Robotic Server LG ServeBot

LG CLOI Robot Server

LG CLOi Servebot lends a helping hand(shelf) to servers at a busy Korean Restaurant. Arirang K saw firsthand how effective CLOi Servebots could be to help optimize their business in more ways than one.


  • The 3D camera and LiDAR sensors guarantees optimal space recognition and eliminate the need to install separate ceiling markers. This allows the CLOi Servebot to move freely and precisely even in spaces with high ceilings, limited spaces, or complex paths.
  • The CLOi Servebot navigates safely with a 3D camera sensor that detects low-height obstacles and a close-range ToF sensor to avoid sudden obstructions or small obstacles.
  • The CLOi Servebot is able to serve multiple tables at once. It automatically detects the presence of food, and departs to the next table after a table is served.


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